Upcoming Events

  • Thoughtful Church: Leading Your Church with Intellectual Virtue

    Lunch with Gabe Lyons

    February 25

    "I find that many people who are in churches today aren't being equipped to think well about the world that we live in today. If anything, some of the toughest topics are being avoided out of sensitivity and yet not realizing that their people are longing for these conversations. Longing to be equipped to think well, to know how to engage, how to talk to their children." - Gabe Lyons, Founder of Q Ideas

  • Fear Less: Navigating Tough Questions w/ Courage, Curiosity, & Care

    An Evening with Gabe Lyons of Q Ideas

    February 25

    Fear, anxiety, and insecurity often prevent Christians from successfully dealing with dicey cultural issues and tough questions about faith and culture. Now, more than ever, we need to develop intellectual virtues like courage, curiosity, and care--to help navigate these tough questions. By courage, we are able to stand up for Christian conviction. By curiosity, we're drawn toward wonder, pressing in to know more. And by care, we strive to fulfill our creation mandate, to be good stewards of thought and culture.

  • The Table Conference 2015

    March 20 - 21

    A 2-day educational experience on renewing the Christian mind and engaging civil society.

  • 4th Annual CCT Conference

    Intellectual Virtue & Civil Discourse

    May 8 - 9

    Join dozens of scholars for two full days of papers and discussion on CCT's 2014-2015 research theme, Intellectual Virtue & Civil Discourse

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