We live in a broken world. But we think the wisdom of Jesus can transform it. 

So we search far and wide for the most transformative ideas in the way of Jesus, and bring them to you. 

If you're looking for a way to enjoy the next 3 minutes and 58 seconds of your life, maybe you've scrolled to just the right place. Here are two videos that express what CCT is all about.

Biola University's Center for Christian Thought exists to reconnect Christian Scholarship with the Church and the Academy.

The Center offers scholars from a variety of Christian perspectives a unique opportunity to work collaboratively on a selected theme. Together, they develop their ideas, refine their thinking, and examine important cultural issues in a way that is informed by Scripture. Ultimately, the collaborative work will result in scholarly and popular-level materials, providing the broader culture with thoughtful and carefully articulated Christian perspectives on current events, ethical concerns, and social trends.

Big ideas.

The Center focuses on a single research theme every year. We choose themes of contemporary significance, with both popular and academic appeal.

Thought leaders.

The Center networks with first-rate scholars, public intellectuals, and influential thinkers to produce academic research and expose the Church to life-giving ideas.

Life wisdom.

The Center produces popular-level media related our themes, translating and applying big ideas into relevant resources.



Biola University, an institution with its own particular spiritual, theological and intellectual heritage and commitments, endeavors here to engage a broad range of Christian perspectives on perennial questions. CCT scholars may present positions and make claims that are sometimes at variance with Biola's theological culture and statements.

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