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Is Your Faith Integrated with Your Work?: 7 tough questions

Bryan Dik

Merging faith and work well can prove difficult.

Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology, Colorado State University
April 9, 2015

Earlier this week, we scheduled a post by Bryan Dik, a vocational psychologist and expert on faith, work, and matters of career and calling. In “Disintegrated: How the Psychology of Vocation Can Integrate Your Faith & Work” he suggested that understanding your calling as a “transcendent summons” can revolutionize your sense of job satisfaction and well-being. He also described what it means to measure calling in psychological research.

As we’ve done in the past, we also asked him to come up with a few tough questions for reflection—a way to conduct an internal survey—so that you can make some progress in applying matters of vocation to the question of your job, your career, your vision for how you hope to contribute to the kingdom of God, fulfilling your own calling.

If you missed the post this is based on, jump over here to read that for context.

Tough Questions to Help Integrate Your Faith & Work

1. Do you think of your work as a calling? Why or why not?

2. As it applies to your career, how do you define a “calling”?

3. Do you buy the notion that God reveals himself in Scripture but also in his creation? If so, what things have you learned about God from his general revelation?

4. In what specific ways does your faith connect with your work?

5. How well does your work provide opportunities for you to express your gifts?

6. If you think of your work as a calling, what impact does that have on how you feel about your work? If you don’t think of your work as a calling, what impact does that have?

7. What kinds of changes do you need to make to integrate your faith with your work in a more satisfying way?

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