Evan Rosa, Kutter Callaway, Steven Classen, Todd Pickett, Lauralee Farrer & Tamara Johnston McMahon

Praying the Hours

CCT Director / Editor of The Table / Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Biola University
Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture
Professor of Television, Film and Media Studies
Dean of Spiritual Development, Biola University
Chief Creative, Fuller Theological Seminary / President of Burning Heart Productions
Producing Partner at Burning Heart Productions
October 17, 2013

A panel of thoughtful minds from Biola University, California State Los Angeles, and Fuller Theological Seminary are joined by film director Lauralee Farrer to discuss her film, “None,” the premier installment in her project, “Praying the Hours.” The panel discusses how the film successfully drew its audience into a prayerful time of reflection that matched the spirit of the hour of None.

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