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Eternity in Our Hearts

Lauralee Farrer

Stepping into eternity now.

Chief Creative, Fuller Theological Seminary / President of Burning Heart Productions
October 9, 2013

It’s a mistake to live as though eternity happens after death. If daily life moves like clockwork, “stopping for no man,” then eternal life moves like a river under the surface.

The Greeks had words for both: kairos and chronos. Chronos is man-made, incremental and sequential, it gains value as it accumulates—as money does. Kairos is infinite, uncountable, and always fully present—it means grace, where every moment offers a chance to start anew in a fresh Eden.

We are suspended between the two times, made of dust with eternity in our hearts. We are tuned to live in kairos, each moment fecund, inexhaustible, and intended for our pleasure. What if the curse of the Fall was to be banished from grace time and doomed to live in the man-made tyranny of chronos? And how would we live if we knew that we are still surrounded by Eden, our access restored by Christ’s death and resurrection?

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