Greg Stump

Greg Stump

Pastor-in-Residence (Fall 2014)

Greg Stump was raised in Cerritos, California, and obtained a B.A. in English Literature from Cal State Long Beach, followed by an M.A. in English Literature from Chapman University, and later an M.A. in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. Greg had spent his whole life at one church before coming to Redeemer: Grace Brethren Church of Long Beach, where he worked with the youth, college, and worship teams, as well as serving on staff in the arts department and as an elder overseeing cultural renewal. Later, Greg worked as a Resident Director at Biola University for seven years.

He has been married to Michele since 1999 and they live in La Mirada with their three children:  Katrina, Nathaniel, and Elisabeth. They have attended Redeemer since 2006, where Greg has served as an elder, college pastor, worship coordinator, and internship coordinator, working part-time at the church before joining the staff full-time at Redeemer in August 2012. He currently oversees a number of ministries (community groups, arts, liturgy, administration, rentals, etc.), as well as working to develop new ministry teams and leaders.  He also serves as the director of the church staff, as well as helping to plan the worship services each week.

Greg is passionate about Christian engagement with and creation of culture, along with thoughtful theological dialogue among evangelicals and seeing all areas of life come under God’s reign.

Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA 90639