Eric LaRock

Eric LaRock

Visiting Research Fellow (Spring 2013)

Eric LaRock (Ph.D., Saint Louis University) is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Oakland University. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on neural binding problems and the unity of consciousness. He specializes in the philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and ancient philosophy. He focuses mainly on problems at the intersection of philosophy of mind and neuroscience, such as neural binding and the unity of consciousness, the hard problem of consciousness, the relationship between persons and brains, neuroplasticity and the nature of agent causation, neural timing and free will, and the philosophical implications of anesthesia awareness. Some of his recent peer-reviewed work includes a book chapter with Cambridge University Press, and articles in Kant Studien, Consciousness and Cognition, International Philosophical Quarterly, and Philosophia Christi.

His CCT project is entitled, “The Unity and Causal Power of Soul: A Case for Emergent Dualism” and centers on three fundamental target questions. (1) Do recently proposed neural binding mechanisms provide a sufficient account of the unity of consciousness? (2) How does emergent dualism best accommodate recent findings in neuroscience? (3) Has neuroscience shown that free will is nothing but a grand illusion? 


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