Daniel Crowley

Daniel Crowley

Pastor-in-Residence (Fall 2013)

Daniel Crowley (M.A., Talbot School of Theology) is Pastor at Sandals Church in Riverside, CA. 

CCT Research Project: "On the Nature of Science and the Soul"

Often the behavior of others, especially within the walls of the church, is looked at with a great degree of misunderstanding, criticality and either severe judgment or extreme apathy.  The repeated experience of this ungracious spirit causes the soul to submit parts of itself to isolated places of presumed safety leading to dubious understandings of one’s own reality.  If there were a way to assist the soul in an awakening to its reality, this awakening to and embracing of its brokenness in the presence of God’s spirit should in fact invite the soul to deeper places of love for God as well as others. 

The church must forfeit its presumed entitlement to judgment and thus begin to explore the psychology behind individual behavior and how those psychological stimuli emanate from their own septic soul.  Psychology alone is incapable of shedding full light on the reality of one’s soul.  However, the disciplines found within the various practices of psychology used in conjunction with disciplines that open the soul to the Spirit of God will help the Church to venture into the chasm of the vast unknown brining science and spirituality into glorious harmony. 

I am in highly interested and currently committed to coming alongside the church so that it can grow in its love for God and others is through the uses of psychology and spiritual formation practices.

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