Betsy A Barber

Betsy A Barber

Biola Research Fellow (Spring 2014)

Betsy A. Barber (Psy.D., Rosemead School of Psychology) is Associate Professor of Spirituality and Psychology in the Institute for Spiritual Formation at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. Dr. Barber has a clinical practice with specialization in the soul care and mental health of Christian workers. She teaches courses in spiritual formation, soul care, missions, maturity, and marital relationships. She has particular interest in spiritual formation and supervision of students in spiritual direction and mentoring. She has worked with her husband as a missionary in Bible translation and counseling ministries for 24 years. In addition to being a licensed clinical psychologist, she has background and training in spiritual direction.

CCT Research Project: "Suffering, Grief, Forgiveness, and Healing: Developmental Formation and Operation of Defense Mechanisms in Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction"

Individuals who come to the psychologists or the spiritual directors at Biola University’s Counseling Center and the Center for Spiritual Renewal are provided with professional care informed by both clinical psychology and spiritual theology, yet there is a variation of resulting health and growth experienced by the clients of both Centers. I propose an investigation into this spectrum of results by an examination of the human experiences of suffering, grief and forgiveness, and the parallel healing interventions offered by the practitioners of psychology and theology. Specific attention will be paid to the developmental formation and operation of defense mechanisms within the process of therapy and spiritual direction. Applications of this study for the training of spiritual directors and psychologists will be suggested.

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