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Humility: Moral, Religious, Intellectual Icon

Humility: Moral, Religious, Intellectual

2016-2017 Research Theme: Humility: Moral, Religious, Intellectual (sponsored by the Templeton Religion Trust and The Blankemeyer Foundation)

What is humility?

What is the virtue of humility? How does it take shape in a virtuous life, and what are its key features?

What is intellectual humility?

How can the specific virtue of being humble about our beliefs and cognitive skill change our religious, political, and moral discourse, especially when there is disagreement and embattled speech?

What is the character of a humble leader?

Is "humble politician" or "humble leader" an oxymoron? What are the marks of humble service in great leaders? What ought the vision of humble politics be in contemporary society?

How can we become humble?

How do we learn and teach humility in its intellectual, moral, and spiritual varieties? What does this mean for the challenges of parenting, primary and secondary education, and local community life?

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