Claire Crisp

Author and Advocate for Children with Narcolepsy / Executive Director, Wake Up Narcolepsy

Originally from England, Claire trained as a physical therapist at St Thomas’s Hospital, London, and practiced as a clinician for a decade in the British National Health Service and private healthcare. In 2010 her third child, Mathilda, was diagnosed as the youngest person with narcolepsy in the world. The search for adequate treatment took Claire and her family to numerous specialists in the UK, and eventually to California, where Mathilda received life-changing care at Stanford University. Claire is currently the Executive Director for Wake Up Narcolepsy, a US based non-profit organization that funds strategic research into narcolepsy. Claire lives in Los Angeles, blogs at, and is a regular conference speaker.

Claire is Author of Waking Mathilda: A Memoir of Childhood Narcolepsy