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Love After Death

Kirk Winslow

Pastor, Canvas Church (Irvine, CA)
January 15, 2013

Just as “life” means more than the possession of pulse and breath, so “life after death” is more than merely escaping the grave. For the Christian, the promise of life after death is really the promise of love after death, the assurance that our deepest selves will be welcomed into the triune Community forever. And this awareness—that we are loved beyond all bounds and measures—transforms us. We are not products of a nature red in tooth and claw. We are the children of love, called to embody love in every dimension of creation.  Nothing matters more than the tending of souls—of selves (mine and others). For these are the pearls for which God sacrificed all else.

Kirk is a passionate husband and pastor. For his bio, see here and here.

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