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The Life of the World to Come

William Hasker

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Huntington College
January 15, 2013

Christians generally do not believe in life after death because of scientific evidence or philosophical arguments. We believe in the life of the world to come because Jesus rose from the dead, and because he promised that we should share in eternal life with him. However, we can’t help but wonder about this mysterious subject, and we often can’t help but be affected by the doubts and disbelief about life after death that are widespread in our society. Because of this, it is important for Christians to know that those who disbelieve don’t have all the good arguments! The contributors to this issue—Habermas, Cooper, Runyan, Moreland, and Kärkkäinen—do an outstanding job of presenting some of the best Christian thinking on these topics. They don’t agree on everything, as readers will quickly learn, but each is faithful, in his own way, to the Christian witness to eternal life, and together they demonstrate that Christian believers are fully capable of meeting the challenges to this crucial Christian belief.

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