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Jeffrey M. Schwartz

How to Change Your Brain in Less than 60 Seconds

Research Psychiatrist, UCLA School of Medicine
December 17, 2013

Research Psychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz (UCLA) offers a brief primer on mindfulness and self-directed neuroplasticity (changing your own brain).


We all get cognitive distortions, we all get deceptive brain messages. These are constants in human cognition. So the four steps is really good for everybody, because it really is a form of applied mindfulness. So the four steps are getting you in touch with it by relabeling, it’s getting you to refrain and see the cognitive errors when they occur, take that into account, get the cognition clarified, focus your attention, reflecting the true goal, which is the clarify cognition.

When you do that regularly, you rewire your brain, and you develop a value system that basically gets you automatically into a state of awareness, and that is really the full effects of how self directed neuroplasticity puts you in greater touch with your wise advocate.

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