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What is the link between Christian philosophy and Christian spirituality?

CCT Director / Editor of The Table / Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Biola University
September 27, 2012

Paul Moser, Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago and plenary speaker at the Center’s May 2012 Conference on “Christian Scholarship in the 21st Century: Prospects and Perils,” has suggested that the Christian commitment to “Jesus as Lord” is a necessary component of distinctively Christian philosophy.

Recently, the Evangelical Philosophical Society initiated a unique web project based on the paper Moser delivered at the conference, and the project has already received quite a bit of attention, inciting responses by Clifford Williams and Graham Oppy.

Moser is offering what appears to be a radical assertion about the dependence of Christian philosophy on Christian spirituality:

Christian philosophy cannot be merely academic or impersonal, because it cannot abstract from questions and facts about our deepest motives and our personal standing before God in Christ… Christian philosophy depends on Christian spirituality, because it requires discerning God in Christ for our ultimate authority.

Check out the video for the inaugural CCT conference, and watch Moser’s presentation here.

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