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  • The Brain and Self-Judgment: How Does Religion Affect the Pre-Frontal Cortex?

    By Jeffrey M. SchwartzDecember 19, 2016

    "In a key study done in Beijing, very interesting differences were found in these two self-processing regions in religious Christians compared to non-religious subjects. In non-religious people, self-judgments (judgments about traits people believe describe themselves) were clearly associated with increases in the 'It’s About Me' brain area. Religious Christians, however, did not show increases in the 'It’s About Me' area when making these kinds of self-related assessments." Jeffrey M. Schwartz explains the effects of religion on an interesting part of the brain.


  • The Spiritual Value of Psychology

    By James BeckNovember 9, 2015

    "[H]as the field of psychology developed an understanding of human functioning that is distinct from that revealed to us in Scripture? The answer is a resounding Yes." Psychologist James Beck comments on the value of psychology to Christian spirituality. 


  • Rewiring the Brain for Happiness: The Neuroscience of Happiness, Part 2

    By Kevin CorcoranNovember 2, 2015

    During most of the last century, the consensus was that brain structure was pretty much set, fixed and immutable after some specified period of childhood development. More recent research, however, shows that experience changes not just brain structure or anatomy but also the functional organization or physiology of the brain. And this reorganization is what people mean by “neuroplasticity.”


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